Steem Account Signup Widget

The Steem blockchain uses easily typed strings, usernames of max 16 characters, as wallet addresses. To create such an address one must issue some Steem or request an address at free faucet(s) (most often with waiting time due to manual verification).

Via various methods you can instantly signup and obtain a Steem blockchain address. You can use the SteemWallet mobile app for in-app payed signup.

Or you can use the Signup Widget, which any site owner can embed as a instant-signup feature on any site(s).

If you are a site owner, you can add a customised Steem Signup Widget to your platform with only one line of code!


Widget Configurator

Start offering instant Steem account signup on your own website! Use the following tool to setup your own Steem Account Signup widget.

Step 1 Adjust the following fields to generate your own widget code:

Step 2 Place the following <a>-tags anywhere you want signup links:

<a class="steemwallet-widget" href="" data-referrer="" data-name="" data-image="" title="Register a Steem account">Get your Steem account now!</a>

Another preview: Get your Steem account now!

Please note:

  • Be sure to leave the class="steemwallet-widget" part!
  • Feel free to style however you like to fit your site
  • You can change the link's text to whatever you deem fitting

Step 3 Place the following code just before your </body>-closing tag:

<script type="text/javascript" src="" async="true"></script>


Why does it cost money to buy a Steem account?
Steem is a free blockchain. To prevent spam registrations and because every registration of a new account adds a permanent entry (and thus space) in the blockchain, a small fee is required to pay in Steem. Next to this the account registration fee also asks it's own small fee.
What payment methods do you support?
The Steem Account Signup Widget offers checkout through Stripe payment processing. Through them we offers the following: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, credit and debit cards.
Are there any other ways to signup for Steem?
Yes! You can register for free (but with a variable waiting time due to manual confirmation) via Steemit's faucet. Here you can also find a list of other signup providers, such as payments in crypto via Blocktrades and Anonsteem. If you have a smartphone with Android / Google Play or iOS you can also opt to create an account through the - Mobile Steem Wallet by utilising an in-app payment.
I lost my password, now what?
You should not loose your password. Steem is a blockchain. A blockchain does not have a "password forgot"-option. The owner of the keys is responsible for caretaking and storing the password and keyfile. Should you still have some old key to your availability we might be able to help you through Steem's Account Recovery, but you will definitely need old keys which where attached to your account once. Also we can only assist with lost passwords/keys for accounts registered through's services.
Are there any requirements prior to me putting a widget on my site?
No, but you should know that the widget will only be openend if your site is served from a https:// location.
I would love to add the widget, but will it slow down my site?
The recommended code sample at "Step 3" already includes the "async=true" parameter which makes sure the loading of the code is not delaying anything of your site. Having said that, the code which is loaded is a mere 5kB and is served through Amazon Cloudfront's global CDN so it should maybe only add 1 millisecond of loading time.
I don't like to load external javascript files, because well... you can do everything with my site. Can I still add your widget?
If you still want to add the widget feature, you can just copy paste the contents of the steemwalletwidget.min.js javascript-file, however should we change anything to the code, we won't be able to update your local copy obviously
You mention referrers. Will you give me some referral kickback?
If you happen to create a lot of accounts it's reasonable to share some of the leftovers after the payment provider took their costs (about 30-50 cents) and the cost of the buying of the account with Steem itself. (currently 3 Steem), and running this system. The core idea of this widget however is to make it easier for potential users to instantly signup for Steem, wherever they might first touch base with the blockchain.
Do you have any samples of sites where this widget is currently installed?
Sure! You can find the widget currently for example on, Soliciting Power, and the frontpage.
Who are you?
My name is RoelandP, I am a huge fan of the Steem and related graphene chains. Here are some of my links: github, twitter, steem blog and my personal landingpage.