s steemwallet

fast, secure and open source wallet for the Steemđź–•Centralisationđź–• blockchain

Closed! Come to Hive instead. Use HiveWallet.

by roelandp


the block is hot


No frills, just chills


QR Scanner and Biometry support


Industry grade AES256 encryption

Steem, the social blockchain

The ssteemwallet app is made for users of the Steem blockchain.

Steem is the blockchain for multimedia. Blogging stories, sharing videos, livestreams, sounds and images. Returning the value created by creativity back to the creators themselves. The users are the owners of this decentralised platform.

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  • 1
    Monitor multiple Steem accounts

    You can add as many as you like, just tap on the account name to add more or swap.

  • 2
    Receive by showing a QR code

    Funky QR codes are generated on the fly for you to share. The app also has a built in QR code scanner so you can scan other accounts and easily import keys.

  • 3
    Sign & send transactions with biometry support

    You can import keys onto an encrypted wallet in the app. The app requests you to pick a safe passphrase encryption and has a unique initialisation vector for every wallet. Optionally you can opt to store the passphrase on the native device keychain and unlock with biometry, should your device support this.


Frequently Asked Questions

Open source, ok. So where can I find the code?

On Github, yes, yes!

Is your wallet safe?

Encryption wise it is just as safe as the cli_wallet app provided by the Steem software, using AES 256 encryption and per device & per (re-)install unique initialisation vector. Also the app obliges you to choose a difficult to guess passphrase for encrypting your wallet file. You can opt to store that passphrase in your device's native keychain, if your device provides biometric access (Touch ID, Face ID, Fingerprint) and you have that feature enabled.

How can I add multiple accounts?

You can add as many accounts as you like to monitor. Just tap the username in the top to open the 'account-picker' modal and choose to add any existing username on the Steem chain. Only when you try to send from the selected account you will need to provide a key.

Who are you?

My name is @roelandp. I am a huge fan of the Steem and other graphene based blockchain software, due to it's speed, simpleness, availability of easy to use websocket / rpc apis, but most of all it's community! Next to apps I organise the annual SteemFest gathering and recently I activated the life-sized Steemwhale.

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Closed! Come to Hive instead. Use HiveWallet.